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The benefits of building a community for brands

July 29 2020

We welcome Jake Karls from Mid-Day Squares who will share some insights on the company culture and how #CREWLOVE has become crucial pillar for their success. What does it take to build such a strong community around a brand.


The Future of Events

July 08 2020

With a global pandemic that took over everyone's lives by a storm, social gathering measures changed the landscape of the event industry.

Many had to drastically pivot to online solutions to try to replicate the essence of their event. Recreating the experience received at events to online is no easy task. With life resuming and social distancing regulations loosening, there might still be hope of producing an in-person gathering sooner than anticipated; however what will these events look like?


Black Representation in the Media

Jun 10 2020

Media impacts our lives everyday. It is found everywhere.

An open discussion on how black culture representation was done in the media growing up & how it has affected us. We also want to get a better understanding on the role of media in systematic racism & how things can improve to counter oppressive systems transforming the media landscape.


Virtual Photoshoot

May 20 2020

While the entire nation goes into lockdown, many photographers have lost their practice as they were no longer to get close to their models to do a shoot. This did not stop photographer Vic Vonapartis, where she decided to use technology to break distancing barriers and meet with her models to do a shoot.


In this episode, we meet with both photographer Vic Vonapartis and fashion model Becky Scott to get an inside look of how they staged a full photoshoot by still keeping a very safe distance? What can we learn from this that can be used for later international photoshoots as well.


Boosting Self Confidence

May 13 2020

Acceptance comes from within. Self love is your most powerful tool in boosting your confidence levels. The way we perceive things such as success is subjective, and we tend to create our own barriers causing things such as the impostor syndrome.


In this REC PLAY we discuss:

  • Distinguishing your success from others

  • Impostor Syndrome caused by comparisons

  • Authenticity Vs Superficiality

  • Understanding the intent behind what we publish

  • The power of self love and self acceptance

  • Get clarity in your messaging, clarity in your identity

  • Reaching out for help and have no shame


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Understanding Your Money Habits

May 06 2020

When being faced in uncertain times, emotions can get mixed with taking financial decisions. Saving for a rainy day is always a great advice, however understanding where your money is going is even a more crucial one to ponder on. Are you well equipped to deal with finances during uncertain times?


In this REC PLAY we discuss:

  • The importance of keeping track of your money

  • Why is it important to separate emotions from finance?

  • How to properly budget your next projects?

  • What should you know before launching your own business?

  • When is the best time and way to start saving for a rainy day?

  • How to be prepared for uncertain times, present and/or future?

  • Things to consider in budgets

  • How to be responsible with your money?


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La responsabilité des influenceurs

APR 29 2020

Dans des moments émotifs, nous avons tendance à partager comment boys nous sentons. La plupart du temps, ça se fait sans penser et l’action est plus un réflexe. Dans le cas où que nous nous retrouvons avec un grand nombre d’abonnés et sachant que nos actions et mots partagés publiquement ont une influence sur ces gens; devons-nous prendre  plus de précautions dans ce que nous publions?


La création de contenu de voyage, une impossibilité avec une pandémie. Maude de Maude On De Go devait trouver une façon pour se pivoter, de continuer ses créations toute en restant chez elle. Nous accueillons la créatrice Maude pour connaitre plus sur ses nouvelles habitudes qui lui aide à créer. 


The Algorithm during a world pandemic

APR 22 2020

What does your engagement level look like when you come back on social media after a relatively long hiatus?  How does the mechanics behind these platforms compute to considering your content being relevant or not when you’ve been so inactive?


We welcome Social Media Analyst & Arbiter Michael Khieu who shares some insights on how these platforms work and how you can still remain relative following a well-deserved break.


In this REC PLAY we discuss:

  • Understanding the algorithm during times of crisis

  • Your relevancy on the platforms

  • Point of entry in a very high usage season

  • How to generate revenue in low market season 

  • Online Business strategies


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The Myth of Productivity

APR 15 2020

We are often under the impression that productivity has to result in something tangible. This false thinking has been affecting our well-being both physically and mentally. Practicing Self Care can be very productive as well and serve as a catalyst to any project we engage in afterwards.


Joining us is media commentator and  family caregiver expert Stephanie Erickson who made this video tackling the mindset of feeling less productive when deciding to doing self care instead of lucrative changeable work.


How does the human nervous system work?

APR 08 2020

In a world where everything seems like upside down, we do the best we can within our ability to better the situations and move forward. 

Once Covid-19 started affecting our lives, we've observed various reactions from people. Many started feeling guilt. The guilt for not continuing working on their projects/business, the guilt of not producing content, the guilt to shutting off and focusing on themselves.

Many videos & social media posts started popping up pressuring people to pivot their mindset, to continue pushing their business, to continue pumping content. And at some extent, these content were produced with good intentions to helping people strive in difficult moments. When faced with trauma, people's actions won't always be reflected as good. 

We talk to Pamela Bakalian from Leaders Who Celebrate to understand the paths trauma can impede on someone. Why some people are in denial of this pandemic. How does the human nervous system work?


Dealing with Toxicity and Cyber-Bullying

FEB 27 2020

We often feel we are stuck within a toxic environment. Constantly tormented by misunderstood internet trolls, there is no escape to the repeated bullying we face... or is there?

We welcome Internet personality Denyzee, fashion & role model Aiesha Robinson and founder and CEO of Sofdesk Lennie Moreno to talk about their experience in relation to bullying and how their perspective helped them overcome their hardships.


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