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Comment gagner ta vie dans l'industrie de la mode?

Pensez-vous à travailler dans l’industrie de la mode? Designer et styliste de mode Manika Gaudet, nous parle des engagements nécessaires pour réussir dans l’industrie de la mode.


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Jan 29 2020

Fashion Influence

Presented by Influencers Unite, 4 fashion influencers share their realities of building a community on social media and what if that is a lucrative business model or not.

Jan 22 2020

Applying the YES THEORY

Back in 2015, a group of friends/room-mates started a challenge called PROJECT30, where for 30 days, these guys would challenge each other to accomplishing a bucket list of things which may seem out of comfort to many. This movement began the YES THEORY, which is a worldwide phenomenon and now community of people who challenge themselves to trying something new in order to better themselves.

Applying the law of attraction can bring upon many wonderful things. We sit down with a group of aspiring individuals who've been applying this theory in their daily lives which has granted them with unforeseen opportunities. 

Jan 15 2020

Les réseaux sociaux influencent-ils la confiance en soi?

De quelles manières les réseaux sociaux influencent-ils la confiance que tu as en toi-même?

Cindy et Phil échangeront avec le public les manières dont les réseaux sociaux influencent la confiance qu’ils ont en eux-mêmes.

Jan 08 2020 

Escaping Anxiety with Creativity

Creativity allows people to expressed their inner feelings and bring forth something into this world. We sit down with Phil Desforges, local visual storyteller, who used photography to escape the clutches of anxiety and depression from which he was suffering for many years. 

Photo Credits: Hailey Oldfield

Oct 23 2019

Le rôle du style vestimentaire dans la vie

La question qu'on se pose à chaque matin - quoi porter? On parle avec styliste et designer Manika Gaudet pour comprendre comment l'estime de soi et la confiance sont liées ou non à notre style vestimentaire.

Oct 16 2019

Creating Opportunities

If you wait for opportunities to present to you, you might be waiting for a lot time. What if you took initiative and create opportunities for yourself. That is exactly what Alex Lag did when he started cinematography during his football matches.

Oct 09 2019

Le rôle de la confiance dans l’expansion de ton entreprise

Gbeuli Guero, financière immobilier, nous parle comment la confiance dans nos actions en affaires peut contribuer à la croissance de notre entreprise.

Oct 07 2019

Distinguishing good collaborations from bad ones

Many collaborations can very well end up one sided. This is something that happens very often in the content industry. People tend to ask for free work in exchange for visibility. But when is it enough to accepting free work in exchange of exposure. 

Sept 25 2019

Le rôle controversé de l’éducation dans l’entreprenariat

Comment l’éducation réduit le risque de faire d’erreur en entreprenariat. Nous se font souvent dire que les institues d’éducations ne font pas face à la réalité des affaires. Par contre, les écoles peuvent aider à maitriser quelques concepts et structure de modèle affaire qui sont incontournable.

Sept 18 2019

When your mom is an Influencer

Svetlana in an internet personality, a model and actress who uses her influence to bring good to the people. As a public figure, her children see her in the spotlight very often. How does this impact them in the willingness of stepping in the spotlight themselves or not? How will Svetlana react if ever her kids want to become influencers themselves? We discuss all that and more in this podcast episode.

Sept 13 2019

Mommy, I want to become an Influencer

How do you react when your kid comes up to you and tells you they want to become an influencer or open a social media account? We sat down with 3 parents who are constantly active online and take a responsible approach in these kinds of scenario. 

Sept 11 2019

Realities of Creative Entrepreneurs

In this episode, we come across 3 different realities of entrepreneurs who are either in transition or balance between a traditional career and a personal business. What are the dynamics involved in regards of owning a business or taking on a full-time job? How can a side hassle help you stay grounded and make you stronger in running your own business?

Sept 4 2019

Seeking Discomfort

Sometimes saying YES to things you would normally say NO to might be the change you need in your life. 21 year of Stephen Edvi has been applying this mind set and says it has been the best decisions in his life. The amount of opportunities he had in only 1 week were phenomenal. 

Jul. 30 2019

Interview with Disney-Guy

Have you ever visited all of the Disney Parks and Resort? Well Blake the Disney-Guy has. We talk to Blake to learn more on what Disney Parks around the world look like. 

Jul. 25 2019

Intrevue avec Voyage en roue libre

Un autobus scolaire transformé en ciné-bus.... OUI! 

Jul. 24 2019

Intrevue avec Ponto

Ponto, le cône orange que tous le monde aime. Tania Mignacca a créé un emblem comme Ponto qui permet de se voyager autour du monde sans même que Tania quitte l'île de Montréal. 

Jul. 23 2019

Mode de vie - Nomade Digital

Rêvez-vous de voyager 365 jours par an? Saviez vous que ceci est très possible? Ambroise Debret de Nomade Digital Francophone nous partage des astuces sur comment travailler sur la route autour du monde et de gagner de l'argent. Voici les astuces par l'expert des nomades digitaux. 

Jul. 16 2019

Les avantages de travailler à partir des espaces de co-working

Travailler d’un espace de co-working est une merveilleuse façon de se dépanner d’un lieu de travail.  Ces espaces favorisent les collaborations entre différents entreprises qui s’y trouvent. Nous s’assoyons avec le co-fondateur de la Halte 24-7, Philippe Tremblay, qui nous parle des avantages qu’il a constaté durant ses plusieurs années à gérer son espace de co-working. 

Jul. 8 2019

The negative effects of social media on our mental health

In a world where we are hyper connected with everything, we could not feel so disconnected with reality.

Social media has its benefits. It allows us to catch up with friends, promote our business and learn of events in our community.

Unfortunately, many of us are consumed with likes, follows, comments and subscribers. We interpret those numbers to be a direct reflection as to WHO we are.

Do more likes and followers mean you are more worthy? If few engage in a post does it lose value in what that experience or information means to you? 


We are joined by media commentator, family caregiving expert Stephanie Erickson who expressed the effects of social media on her life and career in a video series titled Chasing likes and Follows.

Jul. 1 2019

Strategizing your day to day Priorities 

You only get 24 hours in a day. The way you choose to use those hours is up to you. For Charles Hackman, it is all about putting his time towards his goals and business projects. Charles was always driven to run a business at a young age. In his teenage years, instead of doing what his peers were doing, Charles prioritized his intentions to making money using technology. However, don't get fooled, Charles is not all about work and no play. How does he find a healthy balance in his life? Check out this podcast where we talk to Charles in how to plan out your day to avoiding burn outs but at the same time being productive and efficient. 

Jun. 25 2019

Transitioning to a 9 to 5 job as an ex-business owner

Marjorie decided to put an end to her business and transition over a 9 to 5 career. This drastic change put a toll on her, but also brought a lot of peace of mind.  What can we learn from Marjorie's career change? Did she make the right move? Is having a side hustle enough to pay the bills? Tune in this podcast to find out.

Jun. 18 2019

The Quest to finding your Purpose

We are all here for a purpose. Finding that purpose can last a lifetime. We easily get distracted by what is important to us. What's critical is how we use our allocated time on this Earth. We talk to the CEO of Sofdesk, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2018, and the person behind  Clean Out Your Closet as well as many other charity organisations, Lennie Moreno about navigating through the secret of life and fulfilling your purpose in our world.

Jun. 11 2019

The Law of Attraction

What we say and do effects our surrounding. We will attract the same energy we put out there. We talk with the founder of Leaders Who Celebrate, Pamela Bakalian, who shares her secrets on what are the key points on attracting happiness and success.

Jun. 04 2019

Dealing with Burn-Outs

Content creators come together to discuss about the effects this new lifestyle has brought upon them. Moderated by clinical social worker Stephanie Erickson, 3 panelists share their personal stories of being faced with burn-outs.

Moderator > Stephanie Erickson

Panelists > Nalie Agustin, Marjorie Joasil, Patrick Quirky


This panel was part of REC Montreal 2018

May 28 2019

Est-ce que le Marketing d'influence est mort?

Nous s’assoyons avec marqueteur numérique et fondateur du agence Studio Réverbère Charlie Fernandez pour s’approfondir sur le sujet et répondre à la question si le Marketing d’influence à prit sa fin et c’est mort?

May 21 2019

The effects of social media on creativity - GRAND DEBATE

Is social media killing or enhancing creativity?

A big debate came about in the community of creators lately whether Social Media has been helping or hindering creativity.

Join us for a friendly debate session to determine once and for all if social media is yeh or nah. 

May 14 2019


Perfection is a killer and it can halt and even cancel your projects entirely. We welcome success coach Samantha Kris, author and community leader behind Bossing Up, to intervene in a group conversation where people are having hard time figuring out their next moves.

May 07 2019
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