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Position Yourself to Receive BEAM Energy

We end the season short and sweat. Fitness & lifestyle coach Alison Hewitt, also known by Alikona steps in our studio to provide us with body posture techniques we should apply to receive those positive waves. The various flow movement exercises allows you to connect with your body, soul and the planets energy, allowing you to get that productivity, creativity and energy boost.


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Mar. 12 2019

Unique Hobbies - Doll Photography

Being unique never feared Mimi from perusing her passion of doll photography. Growing her hobby allowed her to find an entire community of people who share her passion of American Girl Dolls. 

"You have nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain. Because you just don't know who's going to contact you, or what's going to happen." - Mimi

Haters back off! Have Fun! and Stand Out!

Mar. 05 2019

Is Social Media Killing or Enhancing Creativity?

As controversial as it sounds, we provoke on the question if social media is killing our creativity?


We meet up with Creative Coach Stefano Di Lollo, who elaborates on this idea of what does it take to actually be a creative person. How much is social media blocking us from being original? Should we disconnect from Social Media to come up with fresh new ideas?


Be sure to check out Stefano > Join his Creative Community 

Feb. 26 2019

Should Influencers Get FREE Hotel Stays?

We talk to communication expert Charlotte Verbiest from Think C about how to properly be ready when pitching a collaboration idea to a brand. 

Who's side are you on? The Hotel Owner or the Influencer, read the article here >

Feb. 19 2019

YouTube sans la vue

Ce n’est pas toujours simple naviguer les apps pour créer du contenu quand nous sommes non-voyant ou bien à une déficience au niveau de la vue. Mais grâce à la technologie, des gens comme Claudia ont maintenant l’opportunité de créer du contenu et interagir avec les internautes. Écoutez attentivement à ce podcast. Comme exercice, fermer vos yeux (seulement si vous êtes dans un lieu fixe et sauf) et rentrer dans le monde de Claudia.

Feb. 12 2019

I just can't do this no more :'(

When you are working on a project or starting a new business, it is not as easy as it sounds. More and more we hear inspiring speeches to getting you to start a new life, by quitting your day job and become a full-time freelancer or an entrepreneur. The part people do not share often is the downsides of the reality they have to face.

Photo by: Renegade N' Pictures

Feb. 05 2019

Creating a Hype around your brand

We meet up with Mid-Day-Squares, a Montreal-based chocolate company, who only after 6 months have made a business success story in such a competitive industry. Their secret, creating a hype around the brand using only Instagram (Social Media). 

Jan. 29 2019

The Life of Digital Nomads (PANEL)

This is a recording of a panel with 3 digital nomads who get paid travelling the world and living the life of a Nomad.

In this panel we welcome:

Steve Daniel (Moderator) 
Elizabeth Viatkin
HMD Heather Goes Global
Cameron Phillips


Photo by: JCS World

Jan. 22 2019

Production sur la route avec Prêts Pour La Route

Ils ont tout vendu pour vivre, travailler et voyager à temps plein à bord de leur petite CARAVANE avec leurs deux chiens :). Chaque semaine depuis 2016, ils ont créé des vidéos pour leur chaîne Youtube et leur page Facebook pour partager leurs aventures avec leus abonnés. Alex est courtier hypothécaire et continue à travailler sur la route pour générer des revenus et Valérie s'occupe des vidéos (tournage et montage) qui commencent à générer des revenus depuis quelques temps. 

Suivez l'aventure >

Jan. 15 2019

What to do when your content gets stolen?

We talk with lawyer Aicha Tohry, who specializes with the creative arts and is founder of Arty Law, about how to protect your creative projects when subjected to getting your craft copied or reproduces without your consent. We also take a look on how to avoid such situations and have a discussion with the group who share their encounters with these unfortunate manifestations. 


You can check out Aicha's services and blog here  Read Here

Jan. 08 2019

Perfection Kills - 5 Personal Success Stoppers

Perfection is a killer and it can halt and even cancel your projects entirely. In this podcast, we talk to success coach Samantha Kris, who is also the author and the community leader behind Bossing Up, about 5 personal attributes which are mostly the main cause of stopping us from succeeding.

Follow Samantha's journey here -

Jan. 01 2019

Abusing Infleunce #ClickBait

Attention seekers have abused their online influence with many drama-driven stories to drive traffic and attention to themselves disregarding how others living the situation would react.

In this podcast we discuss with Joey Kidney, who is going through anxiety, how he reacts when others fake their diagnosis and provide false solutions just to gain new following.

You can follow Joey on his social platforms > 

Dec.18  2018

La responsabilité face au numérique

Qui dit grand pouvoir dit grande responsabilité. Qu’est-ce qu’il arrive quand tu mets un père de famille, une prof de primaire et une jeune célébrité web dans une conférence avec Luduc? Un excellent podcast sur la responsabilité et la vie privée. 

Dec.15  2018

The Power of Influence

We sit down with a young artist who grew up with social media being an impact in his life. Ambro Dipilato, uses his popular Instagram platform to not only share his art, but also promote wellness by posting encouraging messages and facts about the environment / nature.

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Dec.11  2018

The Business behind the Content

Content can generate new leads and clientele towards your business. We meet with Nicholas Belliveau who shares his content strategies behind his brand; that brings him credibility and new business opportunities. 

You can find Nicholas > 

Dec. 4  2018

Financement Participative - Patreon

Patreon est une plate-forme de financement participatif permettant aux créateurs de tous genres de vivre de leurs passions. Dans cet podcast, Pascal va partager sa propre expérience avec le site de financement Patreon, ainsi que ses meilleurs trucs & astuces afin de démarrer, et maintenir, sa propre page.

Trouvez Pascal sur Patreon

Nov. 27 2018

Passion Vs Engagement

These days, all we hear about is how many likes someone got on their latest Instagram post or how many YouTube Subscribers can one get under a month. It feels more and more like a competition and less about the desire to create content. 

You can find Oscar on his YouTube Channel

Nov. 20 2018

Phénomène Influenceur

Nous avons tendance à décrire quelqu’un qui crée du contenu web en étant influenceur. Ce mot est utilisé très largement et cause de la mal représentation de plusieurs qui ont mérité le statut influenceur. Nous échangeons avec Émile Roy sur ce phénomène et essayons de décortiquer le signification de ce mot.

Trouvez Émile Roy sur YouTube

Nov. 13 2018

Grind Responsibly

Marjorie Joasil a connu 2 burn-out au cours de sa carrière. Elle loue à tous de moudre de manière responsable. Elle est maintenant fière propriétaire de Grind Atelier, une école de marketing et de promotion de la marque à Montréal.

Trouvez Marjorie et Grind Atelier > 

Nov. 06 2018

Unleash Your Inner Monster

How many times will you be told that you are not good enough to follow your dreams? We sit down with Claudia Comtois to discuss circumstances where people we care about & who are close to us do not support our livelihood decisions, more notably our career and education path.
*This episode is bilingual 

Oct. 30 2018
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