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Stand Out in Your Market.
Find Your "it" Factor will help you find your place in your market and stand out. It's a simple, fun and effective approach you can use whenever you need to get back on track.


We will show you step by step how to:

  • Learn how to do a quick competitive research that will not take you months to accomplish
  • Identify your market
  • Get advices to help you claim your spot confidently
  • Refine your offer to stand out

Class Details
DATE: February 12 2018
ADDRESS: 4284 De La Roche St, Montreal, QC H2J 3H9

PRICE: $67 +Tax

About Instructor
A graduate of HEC Montreal, Marjorie Joasil specializes in sales promotion, event marketing and sponsorships. In 2009, Marjorie had launched Marjorie’s Closet a fashion and lifestyle blog offering web marketing services to fashion brands, hotels and bars in Montreal. In 2013, she pursued her career as marketing director for the iconic Canadian fashion house Nu.I by Vickie. Later joined LACOSTE Canada as national marketing coordinator. Now, as co-founder and owner of Grind Atelier, she teaches a unique brand identity method to entrepreneurs on the grind.
source: www.grindatelier.com

You are required to bring your laptops/tablet/smart phone for in class exercises.

The purchase of this class grants you a free all day access to the workspace at Halte 24-7. Show your purchase ticket at the registration.

Additional Notes
Please pick Local Pickup when ordering this session.
Upon signing up for this class, you agree to share your contact info with the instructor as she will send you required documents prior of the session to prepare you.


***** IT'S WINTER *****

The space has a NO boots nor outside shoe/footwear policy. You can bring inside footwear or stay with socks.

Find Your “It” Factor

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